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Residential Mortgages

When purchasing or remortgaging as well as taking the interest rate into account you also need to consider many other factors before deciding what product is best for your needs

Home Owners

ii) Factors effecting the mortgage - ie Term of the Mortgage, early repayment charges, the flexibility of the mortgage, property type, size of the loan to value

iii) Your personal details- ie Sources of income, age, dependants and credit commitments

That is why we will discuss and listen to your circumstances and then recommend a product for you based on your requirements with a free no obligation quote along with our terms of business

i) Associated Fees- ie Lenders arrangement Fees, Broker Fees, valuation Fees, conveyancing fees, Stamp Duty

Methods of Repayment

Repayment—(also known as Capital and Interest ) - explained (click here)

Interest-Only- explained (click here)

Split a combination of Repayment and Interest-Only- explained (click here)

Types of Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgage - explained (click here)

Tracker Mortgage (Variable Rate Mortgage)- explained (click here)

Discount Rate Mortgage- explained (click here)

For more details on why people remortgage( click here)

Apply now - click on the selection below that you require

First Time Buyer                          Remortgage

Buy to Let or Let To Buy              Commercial Mortgage

Jargon Buster - for understanding of mortgage terms and sayings- click here

Costs Associated with a mortgage - click here

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