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Buildings & Contents


At Mortgage Solutions Merseyside we use the source as our buildings and contents provider and you have a choice of the following Insurance options including:

· Buildings only cover

· Contents only cover

· Buildings & Contents combined

Buildings & Contents Insurance can be taken out by new and existing mortgage borrowers.

Subject to the standard policy conditions (and sum insured limits) you are covered if your building and/or contents are damaged by:

· Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning or earthquake

· Riots, civil commotion, labour and political disturbances or strikes

· Malicious damage or vandalism

· Storm or flood

· Impact or collision

· Subsidence or heave

· Escape of water or oil

· Theft or attempted theft

For the full policy conditions, including restrictions and exclusions, please always refer to your policy Terms and Conditions booklet, which is included with your certificate of insurance.

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