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Tips for First time Buyers

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Your budget

Work out how much you can afford to spend on your new house - a newly built house will require furnishings and older properties could require refurbishments such as re-flooring, tiling, re-wiring or roof repairs. Don't forget to consider other fees such as conveyancing and stamp duty.


Take an experienced home-owner to your viewings


When looking at a new property always take an experienced home buyer, such as one of your parents or a home-owning friend, along with you. If this is difficult to organise for the initial viewing you can always make arrangements to go back and view the property with an adviser.

Budget for utilities after you have moved in. Remember to budget for expenses such as council tax, gas and electricity bills, boiler servicing, and other home repairs.

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Calculate new transport costs

Bear in mind that your transport arrangements will probably change so make sure you check the availability and cost of public transport services and consider socio-economic factors that might lead to increases in your car insurance, for example schools, crime rates etc.

Check your commute

Don't forget to check available routes to work, shops, and schools if necessary, from your new property. It might be very busy during rush hour and traveling during this time could double the length of your journey.

If possible try to find somewhere to live that is close to your main place of work. Commuting is often one of the biggest household expenses and if you need to spend time on domestic chores or DIY when you move in, reducing time spent commuting allows more time for these things.

Check local amenities

Make a note of the local amenities before making any final decisions about where to move and have a look around the local area and make a note of where the key facilities are.

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